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International Dawn Chorus Day 2021 – Bubblebee Industries Mic Wind Protection

Bubblebee Industries recently headed out to the stunning Mallards Pike Lake in the Forest of Dean in the UK to test their field recording rig in preparation for International Dawn Chorus Day 2021. Located in the heart of the forest, the lake and surrounding area is home to a host of wonderful wildlife; the perfect setting to record the sounds of the dawn chorus!

Here’s a quick demonstration video of how to correctly fit The Windbubbles to protect your lavalier mics against wind noise. 


International Dawn Chorus Day 2021 falls on Sunday 2nd May and encourages anyone with an interest in sound to grab their recording equipment to capture the sounds of birds, insects and other wildlife waking up with the sunrise.
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Sound Summit Virtual Trade Event – 22 April 2021

SOUND SUMMIT VIRTUAL TRADE EVENT hosted by Sound Devices and Lectrosonics
Date: Thursday 22nd April
Time: 10am CDT / 5pm CEST
Start at
A host of industry leading location sound manufacturers will be at the Sound Summit 2021, including Bubblebee Industries, Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Schoeps Mikrofone, Sony, DPA Microphones, Wisycom, Sonosax, K-Tek, Ambient, Shure, Orca Bags, Voice Technologies, Halter Technical and Viviana Straps.

LIVE ONLINE EVENT – 30th MARCH 2021 – Bubblebee Industries Making Sound Sound Better with Trew Audio

Join in our live online discussion with Thomas Popp from Trew Audio on Tuesday 30th March, from 11:00am PST, where we will be talking about how to make sound sound better with special guest and live giveaways too.
Tuesday 30th March, 11am PST / 7pm CET
There will be live giveaways of $50 Bubblebee Industries vouchers with Trew Audio and special guests TBC.
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UK Sound Recordist Jono Cary and Presenter Andi Peters on comms and Bubblebee Industries The Sidekick 2 IFB

Jono Cary, one of the UK’s most in-demand sound recordists and production sound mixers, has switched to our Sidekick In-Ear Monitors because they are so small, they can even be worn underneath headphones. “Comfort is such an important factor, especially when you have a long day ahead of you,” he says. “Sidekick fits into my workflow perfectly and makes monitoring the IFB feed when doing ‘lives’ so much easier. I’m able to wear the earpiece all day without any pain or discomfort.”
Designed to be virtually invisible, Bubblebee’s Sidekick In-Ear Monitor features the world’s first micro driver solution where the driver fits invisibly in the ear canal, eliminating the need for acoustic tubes outside the ear.
For TV Presenter Andi Peters, comfort and aesthetics were the deciding factor. “I’ve really enjoyed using the Sidekick,” he says. “Earpiece technology in TV hasn’t really moved on in 20 years but this new technology has been a tremendous game changer. It’s so lightweight that I’ve often forgotten that I’m wearing it. The sound quality is excellent and the cable VERY strong. I highly recommend it.”
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Directly upload your sound files to the cloud with the new Viviana Cloud Device and App!

Viviana Cloud is a brand new device that helps sound recordists save time and keep their files safe by uploading recordings straight from the recorder to the cloud.

Viviana Cloud is approved for use with Sound Devices mixer-recorders, and you can use it also with ZoomF8 and external card reader or USB drives. 

Viviana Cloud is made of 2 parts:
1. A purpose-engineered Viviana Cloud box
2. The Viviana Cloud smartphone app (iOs 14 only for now) 

The Viviana Cloud app is free and available on App Store and it works only if customer has got its own Viviana Cloud box.

Viviana Cloud right now is using users’ own Dropbox secure storage service to keep their files safe in the cloud.

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Contact José on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or to place your order.


Audio Ltd announces the A-15PIN Sony Camcorder Accessory with A10-RX Firmware v3.00 and Mic2Wav v3.00!


Sound Devices is excited to introduce the A-15PIN cradle accessory for the A10-RX receiver. The A-15PIN allows direct connection of the A10-RX receiver to Sony camcorders and extension units and passes two channels of AES digital audio via the 15 pin D-type connector.

 A10-RX v3.00 Firmware

  • Supports the A-15PIN adapter for Sony’s proprietary wireless slot. Connects an A10-RX directly to Sony camcorders/extension units and sends two channels of AES digital wireless audio. When connected to the camcorder via the A-15PIN, the A10-RX receives power and powers up and down with the camcorder.
  • Important: Update the A10-RX receiver to v3.00 firmware prior to docking in the A-15PIN cradle accessory.  
  • For a complete list of changes and supported Sony Cameras, please visit:

Mic2Wav v3.00

  • Mic2Wav now supports the new A-15PIN accessory. Connect and A10-RX to Mic2Wav via the A-15PIN to update firmware and send user group files. 
  • A USB 3.0 port is required to power the A10-RX via the A-15PIN. If a USB 3.0 port is not available, connect two USB 2.0 ports to the A-15PIN using the Sound Devices MX-USBY Cable, USB-C to dual USB-A Y-cable.  
  • To download the Mic2Wave Utility, please visit:

PRODUCT FEATURE: Did you know Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles come in different sizes?

Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles will give you the best wind protection you can get for you lavalier mic.

Whatever the make, shape or size of your miniature microphone, Bubblebee Industries have made a furry Windbubble to fit. It’s just waiting to keep the wind out and the clean sound frequencies in.

There are four sizes, with the internal ‘Bubble of dead air’, opening and length of fur increasing progressively with each step. If your mic fits in more than one, for example the DPA 4060 which fits with both sizes 2 and 3, you will achieve greater wind resistance with size 3 because of the longer fur, though will in turn compromise a little on visibility.

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PRODUCT FEATURE: Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles – Recording clean sound on a snowboard

You may not need to record sound on a snowboard but wind noise can potentially ruin your audio recordings and videos, especially when the talent is travelling at velocity.

Bubblebee Industries took to the snowy slopes of Hohe Vietsch in Brunnalm, Austria with local snowboarder René Fi, to show you how effective The Windbubbles can be at reducing the impact of wind noise on your recordings.

Recorded using @DPA Microphones 6060 lavalier mics into the MMA-A mobile interface and shot on an iPhone 8 using the “Just Press Record” app (recorded on stereo 24-bit / 48kHz), the audio has been left unedited alongside our the on-board GoPro audio for comparison

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PRESS RELEASE: Sanken Microphone Company honoured with the AMPAS Academy Scientific and Engineering Award

The award was presented for the original innovation and continuous refinement of the Sanken COS-11 series of miniature lavalier microphones.

Sanken’s early engineering work in microphone orientation and miniaturization has inspired the current generation of lavalier microphones. The exceptional sound quality and durability of the COS-11 series have made them the predominant lavalier microphones used in motion picture production sound recording.