NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: The Zoom F6 Recorder – Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Zoom F6 is an incredibly compact field recorder equipped with 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters, giving it a dynamic range so wide that even a channel recorded with the gain all the way down can be easily normalized back to a great-sounding track.

The F6 features six inputs, time code, multiple power options, and wireless control. 

Initial supply may be limited and orders will by fulfilled first-come, first-served. Shipping is expected to start in July 2019.

Key Features:
  • 6-channel/14-track field audio recorder/mixer
  • Six discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR connectors
  • High quality mic preamps with up to 75 dB gain and an EIN of -127dBu or less
  • Switchable +4dBu inputs with mic/line options
  • 32-bit float recording & dual AD converters
  • Advanced look-ahead hybrid limiters
  • Zoom AutoMix software
  • Accurate time code (0.2 ppm) I/O on 3.5mm stereo mini; dropframe/non-drop formats with Jam Sync
  • Three different power supply options: 4x AA batteries, L-Series batteries (sold separately), or AD-17 AC Adapter (sold separately)
  • 5mm stereo mini unbalanced output jack
  • Dedicated headphone output (100 mW) with volume control SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, up to 512 GB 
  • Use as an 6-in/4-out USB audio interface (up to 96kHz)
  • Use as an audio interface and record to SD card simultaneously (up to 48kHz)
  • Optional BTA-1 adapter (sold separately) allows wireless remote control, file renaming, and metadata entry with free Zoom F Control App for iOS

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Orca launches the NEW OR-444 3S (Spinal Support System) Sound Harness

Note !! Special Pre-order Offer! Get the integrated Sound Duffle backpack for the 3S Harness *free of charge!

With the duffle sound backpack (TBA), you will be able to carry your sound bag and gear to any location.


The NEW OR-444 ORCA 3S (Spinal Support System) is a patented design to help protect and support the audio operators while working outdoors.

Our number one goal is to help the operators support their backs after many years of carrying heavy equipment. The 3S Harness comes in one size that fits most.

Key features:

Modular – Can be used with just the waist belt, the top vest, the waist belt with a top vest or all combined with the patented Spinal Support System.

Ventilated – The Harness is built with a special 3D EVA sponge and mesh system for maximum airflow and ventilation.

Roller buckles – The 3S waist belt, has two unique “rollers buckles ” that help tighten the waist belt on the user’s hips for perfect fit and weight distribution.  The waist belt thigh system is one of a kind, a unique design for ORCA Bags!

Adjustable Spinal Support System – The unique patented Spinal Support System has a special pneumatic and spring system that helps the users adjust the height of the harness spine as needed.

The OR-444 also comes with a back pocket and a USB portal with built-in cable.

* The Duffle backpack offer/price might change, due to the pre-launch modifications.

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Lectrosonics M2C Active Antenna Combiner

The M2C active antenna combiner is designed as an ideal matching component to Lectrosonics digital transmitters. Up to eight transmitters can feed a single antenna to minimize cabling in multi-channel systems. The inputs are isolated to minimize crosstalk and IM (intermodulation) between RF channels.

The overall architecture of the design provides excellent performance with low power consumption and heat buildup. Front panel indicators display active status of RF inputs. A USB port on the front panel is provided for firmware updates.

Key Features:
  • Combines up to eight transmitter RF output signals to feed a single antenna
  • Frequency range 470 to 614 MHz
  • High overload components miminize intermodulation products
  • Up to 100mW input on each port
  • Efficient architecture for low power consumption
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Front panel LEDs indicate active channel
  • Made in the USA

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Bubblebee Industries announces THE LAV CONCEALER for DPA 6060

Mounting a DPA 6060 or 6061 lavalier microphone in clothing or costumes and on the body has just become much easier. The Lav Concealer (Model BBI-LC-6060) for DPA 6060 is a soft pliable rubber mount that covers many different mounting options, moulding itself to the surface it is attached to. Because of its soft rubber material, it also acts as a shock mount, protecting the mic capsule from vibration and absorbing friction noise to give you clearer sound recordings.

This Lav Concealer is a DPA 6060 and 6061 subminiature lav mount that fits snugly and, along with making hiding the mic easier, protects the 3mm capsule from a build up of glue which can result from repeatedly attaching tape directly to the capsule. The Lav Concealer for DPA 6060 can be attached directly to skin or clothing using our Lav Concealer Tape.

The Lav Concealer for 6060 includes a fabric guard, made of sprung metal. Having two different materials operating in unison helps prevent friction or vibrations from being transferred from one to the other, and eventually to the capsule.

Key Features:
  • Mic protection from friction noise and vibrations
  • Shock absorbing moulded rubber compound
  • Wire fabric guard keep fabric from touching the capsule
  • Countless mounting options
  • Made from 100% natural rubber which is biodegradable
  • Available in Matt Black or Matt White finish. The matt finish is non-reflective
  • 1 x The LAV Concealer
  • 1 x wire fabric guard, high
  • 1 x wire fabric guard, regular
  • 1 x wire cable lock
  • 6 x pieces of The Lav Concealer Tape

Available in single packs or a 6-pack with 3 of each colour.

Contact Jose on 087 551 1034 or to place your order.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Ambient Recording announces the NEW ACN-CL aka “The Lockit”

Being a Lockit at its core, the ACN-CL carries the DNA of its predecessors and inherits all the unique and appreciated features, combined with the unprecedented ease of use that has been first introduced with the NanoLockit.

Just like the NanoLockit, jamming units to time of day with the internal Real Time Clock is a one button experience, but with the additional perk of a crisp OLED display. Lockit can also operate as master by automatically jamming units that are added or restarted during the day.

The OLED also brings the useful timecode compare tool introduced with firmware 6.0 so it is easy to determine if other equipment is still in sync – with an accuracy of 1/100 of a frame.

Key Features:

  • Supplies both timecode and sync signals
  • Dual Lemo output
  • OLED display
  • Sync LED now full RGB
  • External power and charging though a common USB-C port
  • Primary output carries timecode and genlock/wordclock
  • Supports 1080P and 1080i genlock for project rates 23.976 to 60 FPS and wordclock up to 192KHz
  • Swappable NP-50 type Li-ion battery that can be charged while operating


  • LTC-OUT cable for timecode
  • SYNC OUT cable for HD or WC sync signal to BNC
  • Removable NP-50 compatible Li-ion battery

** The ACN-CL will replace the former ACL 204 (Lockit Sync Box) and the ACN-TL (Tiny Lockit)

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Sound Devices Scorpio 32 channel / 36 track / 16 mic/line preamp premium portable mixer-recorder with Dante I/O

Scorpio is a 32 channel, 36 track mixer-recorder and the most powerful product ever designed by Sound Devices. With 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs and multiple headphone outputs, Scorpio is well-suited for any production scenario. Featuring a fully-customizable routing matrix, ultra-low noise preamplifiers, multiple powering options, a premium-quality build equally useable over-the-shoulder or in a mobile rig, high-powered processing, and an internal 256GB SSD with two SD card slots, Scorpio is the ideal tool for a new era of production sound.

Key Features:
  • 32 channels, 12 buses, 36 tracks
  • 16 ultra low-noise, Scorpio microphone preamplifiers
  • 32 channels of Dante I/O
  • Simultaneous recording to internal SSD and two SD cards
  • Internal 256 GB SSD Recording
  • 2 SD card slots
  • USB control surface support via MCU
  • Limiters available at all channels, buses, headphones, for all sample rates

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Lectrosonics DCHT portable stereo digital transmitter

The DCHT is Lectrosonics’ response to customer demand for a small, lightweight, digital dual channel IFB or camera hop transmitter when paired with the M2R receiver pack.

Key Features:

  • AES and analog mic and line level inputs
  • 256-bit encryption – AES 256-CTR
  • UHF Frequency band – 470.100 to 607.950 MHz (470.100 to 614.375 MHz for the export version)
  • Selectable RF Power – 10, 25 or 50 mW
  • Wide range input gain adjustment
  •  Compatible with Duet M2R receiver
  • DSP-controlled input limiter
  • Two AA battery power
  • Solid machined aluminum housing
  • Optional powering from external DC
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries or external DC using optional LTBAELIM accessory

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Audio LTD announces the A-Flip adapter for the Sound Devices SL-6 & Audio LTD A10 Digital Wireless System

Audio Limited has released the new A-FLIP adapter.

This A-SL adapter changes the orientation of an A10-RX in an SL-6 or A10-RACK.

This adapter can be attached to the A10-RX-SL or A-SL to change the orientation of the A10-RX when inserted into the SL-6 or the A10-RACK, providing users a choice of viewing angles for their wireless receivers.

The A-FLIP is now available and shipping.

v4.60 for the Sound Devices SL-6

v2.60 for the Audio LTD A10 Digital Wireless System

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Lightweight Aluminium Bracket for the Tentacle SYNC E

This lightweight aluminium bracket for the Tentacle SYNC E exclusively manufactured by LanParte can be mounted to any camera rig or directly to a camera with the included 1/4” screw.

The Tentacle can be slid in and will be fastened with a little clamp. Secured in that mount, the Tentacle Clamp for the angled Mini Jack can still be connected. If you want an even more convenient mount, you can use the additional Quick Release Bracket or Cold Shoe Mount.

The mount comes in three versions:
• SYNC E Bracket: slim, lightweight bracket with 1/4” screw
• + Quick Release Mount: Bracket with additional Quick Release Mount for comfortable handling 
• + Cold Shoe Mount: Bracket with additional Cold Shoe Mount

For more information or to place your order contact Stratosphere Sound on 087 551 1034.


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: PSC RF Multi SMA “Single Band” & “Dual Band”

PSC Logo


PSC is pleased to announce that our revised RF Multi SMA’s will begin shipping this week. These two new versions of our industry standard RF Multi SMA offer new frequency band pass filters allowing better operation with today’s new legal frequency blocks.

Recent changes to the legal operational frequency spectrum have led to the development of these two new models.

The “Single Band” model is primarily designed for use outside of the USA and the “Dual Band” model is primarily designed for use in the USA.

Both units include newly re-designed circuit boards with more robust RF amplifiers, new and improved custom-made band-pass filters and revised power supply circuitry.

The “Single Band” unit has an operation frequency range of 470-700Mhz and the “Dual Band” unit has an operational frequency range of 470-618Mhz and also 940-960Mhz so that is will operate over the new Lectrosonics 941 Block as used in the USA. 


Please contact us on 087 551 1034 with any additional questions.