PRODUCT FEATURE: Did you know Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles come in different sizes?

Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles will give you the best wind protection you can get for you lavalier mic.

Whatever the make, shape or size of your miniature microphone, Bubblebee Industries have made a furry Windbubble to fit. It’s just waiting to keep the wind out and the clean sound frequencies in.

There are four sizes, with the internal ‘Bubble of dead air’, opening and length of fur increasing progressively with each step. If your mic fits in more than one, for example the DPA 4060 which fits with both sizes 2 and 3, you will achieve greater wind resistance with size 3 because of the longer fur, though will in turn compromise a little on visibility.

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PRODUCT FEATURE: Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles – Recording clean sound on a snowboard

You may not need to record sound on a snowboard but wind noise can potentially ruin your audio recordings and videos, especially when the talent is travelling at velocity.

Bubblebee Industries took to the snowy slopes of Hohe Vietsch in Brunnalm, Austria with local snowboarder René Fi, to show you how effective The Windbubbles can be at reducing the impact of wind noise on your recordings.

Recorded using @DPA Microphones 6060 lavalier mics into the MMA-A mobile interface and shot on an iPhone 8 using the “Just Press Record” app (recorded on stereo 24-bit / 48kHz), the audio has been left unedited alongside our the on-board GoPro audio for comparison

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sound Devices releases ASIO Driver for MixPre II Series

The 32 bit float USB audio ASIO driver for Windows 10

Sound Devices has released an ASIO driver capable of streaming 32-bit float USB audio to compatible DAWs on Windows 10. The driver is compatible with the MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II. 
With this release, the MixPre II Series are now the only USB audio interfaces on the market that support 32-bit float recording and playback on MacOS Catalina and Windows 10.
MixPre II Series users may download the new ASIO driver for Windows 10 at:
Sound Devices regularly updates our list of compatible DAWs, which may be found at: