Sanken Microphone Company wins 2021 Academy Scientific & Technical Award!

The Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards honor the men, women and companies whose discoveries and innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures.
Sanken Microphone Company Limited was awarded the 2021 Scientific and Engineering Award Academy Plaque for the original innovation and continuous refinement of the Sanken COS-11 series of miniature lavalier microphones.
Sanken has inspired the current generation of lavalier microphones through their early engineering of microphone orientation and miniaturization. The COS-11 series has become the predominant lavalier microphones used in motion picture production and sound recording through their exceptional sound quality and durability.

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Get a FREE Mic Accessory Case when you spend R750 or more on Bubblebee products at Stratosphere Sound.

Throughout the month of September 2021, get a free Mic Accessory Case when you spend R750.00 or more excluding VAT on Bubblebee products at Stratosphere Sound.
Perfect for protecting your valuable lavalier mics and accessories through the rigours of life on set, Bubblebee’s “Making Sound Sound Better” Mic Accessory Case has 5 accessory compartments in the base and a large compartment in the lid for holding your mic(s), storing everything neatly and safely.
If you keep a collection of Lav ConcealersTape and Invisible Lav Covers close at hand, this sturdy Mic Accessory Case will make prep a breeze.
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Announcing the new IFBlue brand by Lectrosonics and its new products – the IFBR1C Receiver and 4-Bay Charging Dock!

The new compact and affordable IFBR1C receiver packs are fully compatible with the existing Lectrosonics IFBT4 transmitters and any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter in IFB mode where there is a frequency overlap.

They are available in five different frequency ranges:

  • VHF (174-216 MHz)
  • A1 (470-537 MHz)
  • B1 (537-614 MHz)
  • C1 (614-692 MHz) and
  • 941 (941-960 MHz)

Key Features:

  • Easy set up and use
  • 10 frequency presets, easily programmable from the front panel
  • Backlit LCD
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Powered by disposable AA or rechargeable NiMh AA batteries
  • Exceptional battery life – 10 hours with Alkaline AAs, 12+ hours with 2500 mA/H NiMh rechargeables, 15+ hours with iPower Lithium rechargeables and 20+ hours with Energizer lithium disposables

Future firmware updates can be installed in the IFBlue receivers in the field via the USB jack. USB update utility apps for both Mac and PC are available on the website for this purpose.

The receivers have an integrated, spring-loaded “clamp” style belt clip for light weight and easy, secure placement.

In addition to the new receiver pack, IFBlue is also introducing a companion dock charging system, the CHSIFBR1C, capable of charging up to four receivers when using NiMh rechargeable batteries. The Charging dock units can be mechanically linked for easy organization on the mounting surface. A power supply is included with each charging dock unit so you do not need to order them separately.

The IFBR1C and accessories start shipping soon, but initial supply will be limited, so order today for earliest possible delivery.
Contact José on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or to place your order.

Sound Devices announces the new A20-Mini digital wireless mic transmitter and the A20-Remote App

Sound Devices is proud to announce the A20-Mini digital wireless microphone transmitter and its companion app, A20-Remote.

The A20-Mini is Sound Devices’ first miniature transmitter and incorporates state-of-the-art features such as full remote control via the A20-Remote app, GainForward Architecture, internal 32-bit float recording, a worldwide tuning range of 470 MHz – 694 MHz, and more.

The A20-Mini is fully compatible with Sound Devices’ existing A10 Digital Wireless System.

A20-Remote is the A20-Mini’s companion app and is available on iOS, iPadOS, and Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth® 5.2.

The intuitive interface allows sound professionals to control RF transmit frequency and power, turn the Mini on and off, start and stop recording, mute the microphone, format the media, and more.

The A20-Mini’s internal, high-efficiency 2.4 GHz antenna ensures excellent Bluetooth range. The A20-Remote app offers easy adjustment of transmitter settings after the unit has been placed on talent, eliminating unnecessary downtime on set.

One of the most beneficial features to sound professionals is the A20-Mini’s groundbreaking GainForward Architecture. Most digital wireless systems require gain to be set at the transmitter, the receiver, and finally the recorder. GainForward allows sound professionals to set gain, limiters, and low-cut directly on the channel of their 8-Series mixer-recorder with zero loss in sound quality.

Sound professionals with other mixer-recorders will also be able to adjust gain, limiters and low-cut locally via menus on the A10-RX. GainForward saves time during production by giving sound professionals immediate control of gain without needing access to the transmitter – perfect for social distancing on set or complex wardrobes.

Key Features:

  • 64GB internal storage (80 hours recording in 48 kHz, 32-bit float
  • Full 10 Hz – 20 kHz audio bandwidth
  • Recordings synchronized by the ultra-accurate 0.2 ppm internal timecode generator
  • Can be jammed via USB-C with negligible drift over a 24-hour period
  • Full remote control of the Mini via A20-Remote app
  • Sleek, rugged, and water-resistant chassis with rounded corners
  • Powered by three AAA batteries or a rechargeable Sony NP-BX1 battery
  • Built-in charging for the NP-BX1 is available via the USB-C port

The A20-Mini pairs with the A10-RX wireless receiver to deliver legendary British audio quality with the best of American design.

To learn more about the A20-Mini and view specifications and training videos, visit

Orders can be placed with Jose at 087 551 1034 or

International Dawn Chorus Day 2021 – Bubblebee Industries Mic Wind Protection

Bubblebee Industries recently headed out to the stunning Mallards Pike Lake in the Forest of Dean in the UK to test their field recording rig in preparation for International Dawn Chorus Day 2021. Located in the heart of the forest, the lake and surrounding area is home to a host of wonderful wildlife; the perfect setting to record the sounds of the dawn chorus!

Here’s a quick demonstration video of how to correctly fit The Windbubbles to protect your lavalier mics against wind noise. 


International Dawn Chorus Day 2021 falls on Sunday 2nd May and encourages anyone with an interest in sound to grab their recording equipment to capture the sounds of birds, insects and other wildlife waking up with the sunrise.
Want to know more about International Dawn Chorus Day?
Check out this news story from 2020 here, or visit:

Sound Summit Virtual Trade Event – 22 April 2021

SOUND SUMMIT VIRTUAL TRADE EVENT hosted by Sound Devices and Lectrosonics
Date: Thursday 22nd April
Time: 10am CDT / 5pm CEST
Start at
A host of industry leading location sound manufacturers will be at the Sound Summit 2021, including Bubblebee Industries, Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Schoeps Mikrofone, Sony, DPA Microphones, Wisycom, Sonosax, K-Tek, Ambient, Shure, Orca Bags, Voice Technologies, Halter Technical and Viviana Straps.

Audio Ltd announces the A-15PIN Sony Camcorder Accessory with A10-RX Firmware v3.00 and Mic2Wav v3.00!


Sound Devices is excited to introduce the A-15PIN cradle accessory for the A10-RX receiver. The A-15PIN allows direct connection of the A10-RX receiver to Sony camcorders and extension units and passes two channels of AES digital audio via the 15 pin D-type connector.

 A10-RX v3.00 Firmware

  • Supports the A-15PIN adapter for Sony’s proprietary wireless slot. Connects an A10-RX directly to Sony camcorders/extension units and sends two channels of AES digital wireless audio. When connected to the camcorder via the A-15PIN, the A10-RX receives power and powers up and down with the camcorder.
  • Important: Update the A10-RX receiver to v3.00 firmware prior to docking in the A-15PIN cradle accessory.  
  • For a complete list of changes and supported Sony Cameras, please visit:

Mic2Wav v3.00

  • Mic2Wav now supports the new A-15PIN accessory. Connect and A10-RX to Mic2Wav via the A-15PIN to update firmware and send user group files. 
  • A USB 3.0 port is required to power the A10-RX via the A-15PIN. If a USB 3.0 port is not available, connect two USB 2.0 ports to the A-15PIN using the Sound Devices MX-USBY Cable, USB-C to dual USB-A Y-cable.  
  • To download the Mic2Wave Utility, please visit:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cleaning your Bubblebee Industries Lav Concealers, Windkillers, Windbubbles and Spacer Kits

An important note on cleaning your BBI gear

We’ve received a lot of requests over the past few weeks about how best to keep your Lav Concealers, Windkillers, Windbubbles and Spacer Kits clean and in good shape. With everything that’s happening at the moment, it’s probably never been more relevant. We’ve made some video guides from our home-offices to help with best cleaning practises without damaging your gear. We hope you find these useful.

Cleaning The Lav Concealer

The Lav Concealer is made of 100% biodegradable rubber, so we show you how to clean it properly while protecting the material.

More cleaning instructions here…

Cleaning The Windbubble

If you’ve taken your Windbubbles a little too deep out into the wild, it might be time to give them a bath and sanitise them a little, so to speak.

More cleaning instructions here…

Cleaning The Windkiller, Spacer Bubble or Spacer Kit

Here’s how to clean and disinfect the Windkiller, Spacer Bubble or Spacer Kit fur cover and return it to all its original fluffy glory.

More cleaning instructions here…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sound Devices releases ASIO Driver for MixPre II Series

The 32 bit float USB audio ASIO driver for Windows 10

Sound Devices has released an ASIO driver capable of streaming 32-bit float USB audio to compatible DAWs on Windows 10. The driver is compatible with the MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II. 
With this release, the MixPre II Series are now the only USB audio interfaces on the market that support 32-bit float recording and playback on MacOS Catalina and Windows 10.
MixPre II Series users may download the new ASIO driver for Windows 10 at:
Sound Devices regularly updates our list of compatible DAWs, which may be found at:

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The Colours of Great Sound Giveaway with DPA Microphones!

To celebrate the expansion of DPA’s CORE 6060 colour range, Bubblebee Industries have teamed up with DPA Microphones to offer you the chance to win one of four incredible lav mic kits worth over $1000 each!

Up for grabs are 4 DPA 6060 mics, one in each colour within the range (black, white, beige and brown). With every mic, we’ve created the ultimate Bubblebee Industries colour-matched accessory kit for all you mic’ing needs!

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