Introducing The Ambient Lockit+


For over 30 years, Ambient Timecode has been synonymous with precision and reliability. Like the Lockit, the Lockit+ provides all timecode and Sync formats and full ACN compatibility.

We called it Lockit+ because of its modular design and the many added values.

The Lockit+ combines the state of the art, high-accuracy Ambient Lockit Timecode and Sync technology with advanced metadata management options to improve your workflow between set and editing.

It’s the successor of both the MasterLockit and MasterLockitPlus. A lot of user input has gone into further development to make the Lockit+ the true flagship of the Lockit family

The Power of Plus

It’s a highly accurate Timecode and Sync Generator

+ Modular Hardware designed to be elegantly operated both from the sound cart and sound bag

The Lockit+ is designed to serve different situations on set or in the studio. With the Standard Extension it can be elegantly operated both from the sound cart and sound bag. In future there will be different extensions available. 

+ WiFi Access for advanced control and monitoring

The built-in server spans a local WiFi, giving users browser-based access to all the Lockit+ features via mobile device or computer. The web interface gives access to advanced generator settings and monitoring of all Lockit devices within the ACN.

+ Frequency Scanning

Plug the separately available antenna into a USB port of the Lockit+ to perform a full frequency scan. In the web interface you get concrete suggestions for available frequencies for your transmitters and receivers.

+ Metadata Hub between cameras and our LockitScript App

The Lockit+ can extract technical metadata from compatible cameras to broadcast it via WiFi to the Ambient LockitScript App for script supervisors.

+ Frame-accurate lens metadata processing for Cooke /i protocol

The Lockit+ stores key Cooke /i lens metadata frame-accurately in an open file format – at the same time it makes the data accessible live via WiFi or Ethernet.

+ Remote Control for Sound Devices 6 and 7 series recorders

+ More Connectors

While the front of the Lockit+ offers the same two outputs you know from the Lockit (Blue TC & ACN Connector / Yellow TC & Sync Connector) – the Standard Extension provides additional connections for different setups. In total the Lockit+ with Standard Extension has:

  • 2x Blue TC & ACN Connector
  • 1x Yellow TC & Sync Connector
  • USB-A connector (Frequency Scanning Antenna)
  • USB-C connector (Camera Metadata / Powering)
  • USB-C connector for Midi TC
  • Hirose (Powering)

+ Flexible Powering

The Lockit+ can be powered by 6 to 24 Volts DC via a Hirose 4-pin connector or via the USB-C socket. 

It is also possible to run the Lockit+ only with the two included BX1 batteries. In basic operation the batteries will last for up to 4 hours.

Contact Jose on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or to place your order.

Viviana Pads – Now available in beige!

The Viviana Pad is a multipurpose soft foam with hypoallergenic tape across one side. It’s your go-to for when you have to mic up, or for when you’ve miced up already. Use as a universal concealer foamie to create space between the lav and the fabric, place it behind a noisy object, or wrap it around the TX antenna for a quick-fix solution.

Available in:


12 pcs and 30 pcs per box

Three colors available: black – beige – white


Available in a box of 2pcs Size XL: 7x5cm – cut it to fit

Two colors available: black & white (please check if beige is available when ordering)

Contact Jose on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or to place your order.



Sound Devices introduces the A20-Nexus – A revolutionary half-rack 8-channel SpectraBand (470-1525Mhz) Receiver expandable to 12 or 16 channels!

The A20-Nexus is a revolutionary half-rack 8 channel true-diversity full-digital SpectraBand receiver with a real time spectrum analyzer. It is also expandable to 12 or 16 channels and can be used either as a standalone or via docking with 8-Series. SpectraBand technology delivers a tuning range of 470 – 1525 MHz in a single unit – an industry first!

It features NexLink, our proprietary very-long-distance data link for full remote control of A20-Mini transmitters, including frequency changing and wireless timecode jamming, which can work alongside the A20-Remote Bluetooth app. 

For standalone use, Nexus Web App remote control allows IP control using the A20-Nexus built-in web server – no need for any apps, just log in via an IP address, from any browser. 

The A20-Nexus also offers multiple powering solutions, a variety of outputs; analogue, AES digital, Dante and fiber optic, GainForward, excellent immunity from RF interference with brick-wall SAW filtering, Long Range modulation, smart antenna control, and much more. 

There are a range of accessories for the A20-Nexus: 

  • A20-Monarch – A small footprint, passive omnidirectional antenna which covers full SpectraBand (470-1525MHz), ships with mounts and cabling 
  • A20-QuickDock – For quickly attaching and removing the Nexus to and from any 8-Series recorder 
  • A20-Shelf – To securely rack-mount 1 or 2 A20-Nexus, or PowerStation-8M units, in a 1U shelf space, whilst having full access to the front panels 
  • 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket Assembly Kit – For front mounting the NexLink 2.4GHz antennas 
  • A20-2.4G Ant – 2.4GHz NexLink SMA antenna. Not compatible with 8-Series SD-Remote antenna

What’s in the box? 

  • 1 x A20-Nexus 
  • 2 x A20-Monarch 
  • 2 x Articulating arm with clamp and ¼-20 thread mount 
  • 2 x 30in/75cm BNC – BNC cable 
  • 2 x A20-2.4G Ant

For more info read here >>>

Contact Jose on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or at for more info or to place your order.

Capturing the sound of disappearing glaciers – Bubblebee Industries

 Do you know what a glacier sounds like? 

Sound recordist Thomas Rex Beverly describes his groundbreaking work in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring wildernesses, Greenland. 

“I assumed they would make some sounds, but they were surprising in a whole lot of ways. They sing, and I find it amazing. They are like slow motion thunderstorms, and you can’t help but be awed if you get to witness their beauty and natural power first hand.”

Read about Thomas’ journey, and how he managed to capture the sound of these disappearing glaciers here >>>

Plant a tree with Bubblebee Industries

Until the end of the year, for every Lav Concealer sold through our ECO-Partners, THREE trees are planted through our chosen charity, OneTreePlanted

To learn more about this campaign and to find out who your nearest ECO-Partner is, visit the link here.

Win with #BBIintheWild

Every month, you could win $200 worth of BBI products with our social media #BBIintheWild competition. To win, all you need to do is use #BBIintheWild on photos featuring our products.

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Introducing the NEW Viviana Bag!

The new Viviana Bag provides a great way to organize and protect your lavaliers or accessories and easily fits into your backpack or case.

Key Features:

  • Foldable Design, Easy to Carry: Easy to fold, convenient and easy to slide into your backpack or case
  • Solid Protection: Made of premium nylon outside and well sewn. The soft inner lining and padding can protect your lavaliers and accessories from bumps and scratches
  • Easy to Access: The transparent pouches allow you to easily see what’s in each pouch and you can also label your pouches


  • Small – 3 pockets OR
  • Large – 8 pockets with external pouch for additional accessories


Green or purple

Place your order:

Order through our website products here or contact Jose on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or

Win monthly prizes in the #BBIintheWild Contest!

Welcome to the Bubblebee family! We love seeing stories from production sound mixers, location sound recordists, boom operators, cameramen and more using Bubblebee sound tools ‘in the wild’. We thought it was only fair we give something back, so here goes:


Tag #BBIinthewild on pictures of you using your Bubblebee gear ‘in the wild’ on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us so we know who you are. Each month we will select our favourite photo with the #BBIinthewild tag and crown you winner for that month.

Not only will we feature you on our In The Wild series of stories, but you will also win some awesome prizes…

You could win up to $200/€180 worth of BBI gear every month with our monthly BBIintheWild giveaway. Simply post photos of you applying your craft in a creative way with the hashtag #BBIintheWild.


A charity initiative with Zeigermann_Audio and Schoeps

In support of ‘Spendenmikrofon’, a new charity initiative by Zeigermann_Audio and Schoeps to celebrate the 10,000th Schoeps CMIT 5, Bubblebee Industries donated one of their Spacer Kits in Chroma Key blue as matching wind protection.

“We are big fans of the Spacer Windshield System by Bubblebee: perfect fur, sonically transparent and still very effective as a windshield. So it’s all the nicer that Bubblebee Industries has provided a blue spacer kit especially for our donation microphone and thus generously supports our campaign. Now you can always see the donation microphone clearly. Thank you Bubblebee Industries!” – Christina Bjørni Wölke, Head of Rental – Zeigermann_Audio GmbH

The new campaign throughout 2022 will see the 10,000th Schoeps CMIT 5 available to rent from Zeigermann_Audio, with all proceeds going to charity. Zeigermann_Audio will be matching this amount, and Schoeps will also be matching the rental income to help organisations in urgent need of financial support.

To learn more about the campaign and the organisations being supported, visit Zeigermann_Audio’s website here.

If you’d like your own Spacer Kit in Chroma Key blue, green, or red, they’re available for special order. Contact Jose at or on +27 (0)87-551 1034.


Bubblebee Industries – The Invisible Lav Covers – Now available in three colours

Since we first launched the product, we’ve been continuously asked about producing them in colours other than black too. We’re happy to say we’ve perfected the colours and as of next week, new shipments of BBI-ILC-30 will include the new boxes, with 3x black, 3x beige, and 3x white covers.

These covers are reusable 3-4 times each, so the BBI-ILC-30 pack is good for 30 mounts minimum.

The Invisible LAV Covers allow you to easily mount and hide your Lavalier microphones directly on the skin or on clothes. 

Each package of Invisible LAV Covers consists of 9 pieces of mesh fabric and 30 pieces of our high quality Invisible LAV Tape.

Key Features:

  • Optimal for use under clothes
  • Stick Directly to the Skin or Clothes
  • Hypoallergenic / Allergy Tested Tape
  • 3×3 reuseable fabric pieces
  • 30 Pieces of High Quality Tape
  • Designed in Denmark by Sound Lovers, for Sound Lovers

The transparent double-sided Invisible Lav Tape keeps your microphone and fur fabric solid in place on one side and sticks directly to the skin or to clothes on the other side allowing the microphone to be safely and securely mounted almost anywhere. It’s all about being creative: under the collar, next to a buttonhole, or under the clothes in the chest area.

The tape also has a small piece cut out in the middle of the tape, which is to be saved and used for fixing.

While the fabric can be used up to four times, the tape must be replaced after each use. Since the Invisible Lav Covers package comes with 30 pieces of tape, you will be able to do 30 mounts per pack.