The A20-Nexus is a revolutionary half-rack 8 channel true-diversity full-digital SpectraBand receiver with a real time spectrum analyzer. It is also expandable to 12 or 16 channels and can be used either as a standalone or via docking with 8-Series. SpectraBand technology delivers a tuning range of 470 – 1525 MHz in a single unit – an industry first!

It features NexLink, our proprietary very-long-distance data link for full remote control of A20-Mini transmitters, including frequency changing and wireless timecode jamming, which can work alongside the A20-Remote Bluetooth app. 

For standalone use, Nexus Web App remote control allows IP control using the A20-Nexus built-in web server – no need for any apps, just log in via an IP address, from any browser. 

The A20-Nexus also offers multiple powering solutions, a variety of outputs; analogue, AES digital, Dante and fiber optic, GainForward, excellent immunity from RF interference with brick-wall SAW filtering, Long Range modulation, smart antenna control, and much more. 

There are a range of accessories for the A20-Nexus: 

  • A20-Monarch – A small footprint, passive omnidirectional antenna which covers full SpectraBand (470-1525MHz), ships with mounts and cabling 
  • A20-QuickDock – For quickly attaching and removing the Nexus to and from any 8-Series recorder 
  • A20-Shelf – To securely rack-mount 1 or 2 A20-Nexus, or PowerStation-8M units, in a 1U shelf space, whilst having full access to the front panels 
  • 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket Assembly Kit – For front mounting the NexLink 2.4GHz antennas 
  • A20-2.4G Ant – 2.4GHz NexLink SMA antenna. Not compatible with 8-Series SD-Remote antenna

What’s in the box? 

  • 1 x A20-Nexus 
  • 2 x A20-Monarch 
  • 2 x Articulating arm with clamp and ¼-20 thread mount 
  • 2 x 30in/75cm BNC – BNC cable 
  • 2 x A20-2.4G Ant

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