Simon Opit is a sound artist and field recordist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His most recent production is called ‘A Hard Singing of Country’, which includes soundscapes and field recordings from the Scottish highlands. It’s a fascinating work of art and deserves a listen to.

“The new Bubblebee wind protection for handheld recorders came along just as I was getting ready for another Scottish winter and preparing for my days climbing and walking in the Highlands. I always try bring with me some kind of recording equipment as you never know what you’ll come across. However I’ve often struggled with the almost guaranteed wind with the various portable solutions I have.  Since purchasing the new Windkiller SE, my PCM-D100 has always been carried in my sack as I head for the hills and so far I’ve managed to get some very useable recordings despite being high in the Scottish hills.”

– Simon Opit, field recordist

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