The Invisible Lav Covers – Moleskin offers a low-profile option to easily mount and hide your lavalier microphones directly on the skin or on clothes, drastically reducing friction noise whilst maintaining a high level of frequency transparency.

The Invisible Lav Covers – Moleskin are made from natural bamboo, a significantly quieter and more eco-friendly alternative to nylon alternatives.

Each package of Invisible Lav Covers – Moleskin consists of 10 black, 10 white and 10 beige pieces of super-soft fabric and 30 pieces of our high quality Invisible Lav Tape.

Key Features:

* 30 pieces of (10×3) super soft, eco-friendly fabric made from bamboo
* 30 Pieces of high quality hypoallergenic tape
* 3 colours offering more mounting options
* Stick directly to the skin or clothes
* Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers

The transparent double-sided Invisible Lav Tape keeps your microphone and fabric solid in place on one side and sticks directly to the skin or to clothes on the other side allowing the microphone to be safely and securely mounted almost anywhere.

The tape also has a small piece cut out in the middle of the tape, allowing your microphones capsule to remain free from a build up of sticky residue.

What’s Included:

30 x (10×3) The Invisible Lav Covers Ð Moleskin (10 x black, 10 x white & 10 x beige)
30 x The Invisibe Lav Tape