We are excited to finally release the Logging Feature of the NanoLockit to the public. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last summer we decided to add the logging functionality by default in the Lockit Firmware.

From now on the NanoLockit will not only help sound recordists and editors, but also directors, video journalists and documentary filmmakers.

Any NanoLockit can both be used as regular Lockit Timecode generator AND Logger. So, all older NanoLockits can have this exciting new feature – once updated to firmware version 6.30.

FAQ on the Logging Feature

Can I upgrade regular NanoLockits to work as Loggers?
Yes! After updating the NanoLockits to Lockit Firmware v6.30 they can be used for logging. In addition you need our new NanoLockit Logger Software (Mac or Windows) to download the markers. The Premiere Pro Lockit Panel is available for free on Adobe Exchange (Adobe Creative Cloud Account required)

How do I use the logging function?
You can find a detailed tutorial on our website.

Who can use it?
Basically anyone; the Logger was developed with content creators, directors, filmmakers, and video journalists in mind: the NanoLockit Logger lets you mark good and bad clips directly on set. We hope that you like the new Logger.

Key Features:

  • Two buttons to evaluate
  • Maximum time saving
    • One button for “good”, one button for “bad”: the simplest UX in one tiny device that fits in your pocket. Our NanoLockit Logger puts creative control into your hands and makes you move faster than ever when shooting.
  • Easy to use
    • All you need is one NanoLockit Logger in your hands – you can leave the rest to our software.
  • Frame Accurate
    • For more accuracy, put other NanoLockits on your cameras to ingest timecode. The Logger in your hand will always be in perfect sync with your cameras, and your markers will be placed frame-accurately.
  • One click to import logs
    • Stop wasting time sorting bad clips, focus on the good ones: after wrapping, plug the NanoLockit Logger to your computer via USB. One click is all you need to import the logs as markers into the editing program. Your most important moments will be neatly marked.
  • Native Lockit panel for Adobe Premiere
    • As a first editing tool we support Premiere Pro. There is a free-of-charge native Lockit Panel available in the official Adobe Extension Store

Order yours today from Jose on 087 551 1034 or at jose@stratosphere.co.za