The new compact and affordable IFBR1C receiver packs are fully compatible with the existing Lectrosonics IFBT4 transmitters and any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter in IFB mode where there is a frequency overlap.

They are available in five different frequency ranges:

  • VHF (174-216 MHz)
  • A1 (470-537 MHz)
  • B1 (537-614 MHz)
  • C1 (614-692 MHz) and
  • 941 (941-960 MHz)

Key Features:

  • Easy set up and use
  • 10 frequency presets, easily programmable from the front panel
  • Backlit LCD
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Powered by disposable AA or rechargeable NiMh AA batteries
  • Exceptional battery life – 10 hours with Alkaline AAs, 12+ hours with 2500 mA/H NiMh rechargeables, 15+ hours with iPower Lithium rechargeables and 20+ hours with Energizer lithium disposables

Future firmware updates can be installed in the IFBlue receivers in the field via the USB jack. USB update utility apps for both Mac and PC are available on the website for this purpose.

The receivers have an integrated, spring-loaded “clamp” style belt clip for light weight and easy, secure placement.

In addition to the new receiver pack, IFBlue is also introducing a companion dock charging system, the CHSIFBR1C, capable of charging up to four receivers when using NiMh rechargeable batteries. The Charging dock units can be mechanically linked for easy organization on the mounting surface. A power supply is included with each charging dock unit so you do not need to order them separately.

The IFBR1C and accessories start shipping soon, but initial supply will be limited, so order today for earliest possible delivery.
Contact José on +27 (0)87 551 1034 or to place your order.