Sound Devices is excited to introduce the A-15PIN cradle accessory for the A10-RX receiver. The A-15PIN allows direct connection of the A10-RX receiver to Sony camcorders and extension units and passes two channels of AES digital audio via the 15 pin D-type connector.

 A10-RX v3.00 Firmware

  • Supports the A-15PIN adapter for Sony’s proprietary wireless slot. Connects an A10-RX directly to Sony camcorders/extension units and sends two channels of AES digital wireless audio. When connected to the camcorder via the A-15PIN, the A10-RX receives power and powers up and down with the camcorder.
  • Important: Update the A10-RX receiver to v3.00 firmware prior to docking in the A-15PIN cradle accessory.  
  • For a complete list of changes and supported Sony Cameras, please visit: 


Mic2Wav v3.00

  • Mic2Wav now supports the new A-15PIN accessory. Connect and A10-RX to Mic2Wav via the A-15PIN to update firmware and send user group files. 
  • A USB 3.0 port is required to power the A10-RX via the A-15PIN. If a USB 3.0 port is not available, connect two USB 2.0 ports to the A-15PIN using the Sound Devices MX-USBY Cable, USB-C to dual USB-A Y-cable.  
  • To download the Mic2Wave Utility, please visit: https://www.audioltd.com/resources/mic2wav/