Mounting a DPA 6060 or 6061 lavalier microphone in clothing or costumes and on the body has just become much easier. The Lav Concealer (Model BBI-LC-6060) for DPA 6060 is a soft pliable rubber mount that covers many different mounting options, moulding itself to the surface it is attached to. Because of its soft rubber material, it also acts as a shock mount, protecting the mic capsule from vibration and absorbing friction noise to give you clearer sound recordings.

This Lav Concealer is a DPA 6060 and 6061 subminiature lav mount that fits snugly and, along with making hiding the mic easier, protects the 3mm capsule from a build up of glue which can result from repeatedly attaching tape directly to the capsule. The Lav Concealer for DPA 6060 can be attached directly to skin or clothing using our Lav Concealer Tape.

The Lav Concealer for 6060 includes a fabric guard, made of sprung metal. Having two different materials operating in unison helps prevent friction or vibrations from being transferred from one to the other, and eventually to the capsule.

Key Features:
  • Mic protection from friction noise and vibrations
  • Shock absorbing moulded rubber compound
  • Wire fabric guard keep fabric from touching the capsule
  • Countless mounting options
  • Made from 100% natural rubber which is biodegradable
  • Available in Matt Black or Matt White finish. The matt finish is non-reflective
  • 1 x The LAV Concealer
  • 1 x wire fabric guard, high
  • 1 x wire fabric guard, regular
  • 1 x wire cable lock
  • 6 x pieces of The Lav Concealer Tape

Available in single packs or a 6-pack with 3 of each colour.

Contact Jose on 087 551 1034 or to place your order.