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ANNOUNCEMENT: Stratosphere Sound appointed as sole SA agents for Bubblebee Industries

Stratosphere Sound is proud to announce that we have been appointed sole agents for Bubblebee Industries sound tools in South Africa.

Bubblebee’s range of top quality products are the choice of sound recording professionals worldwide.

Bubblebee Industries is Making Sound Sound Better by creating the world’s best quality microphone wind protection for serious sound professionals. Along with the Windbubbles, Bubblebee also makes other innovative products for sound designers, like the new Invisible Lav Covers, The Cable Saver and The Windkiller.

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Audio LTD announces the A-Flip adapter for the Sound Devices SL-6 & Audio LTD A10 Digital Wireless System

Audio Limited has released the new A-FLIP adapter.

This A-SL adapter changes the orientation of an A10-RX in an SL-6 or A10-RACK.

This adapter can be attached to the A10-RX-SL or A-SL to change the orientation of the A10-RX when inserted into the SL-6 or the A10-RACK, providing users a choice of viewing angles for their wireless receivers.

The A-FLIP is now available and shipping.

v4.60 for the Sound Devices SL-6

v2.60 for the Audio LTD A10 Digital Wireless System

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Lightweight Aluminium Bracket for the Tentacle SYNC E

This lightweight aluminium bracket for the Tentacle SYNC E exclusively manufactured by LanParte can be mounted to any camera rig or directly to a camera with the included 1/4” screw.

The Tentacle can be slid in and will be fastened with a little clamp. Secured in that mount, the Tentacle Clamp for the angled Mini Jack can still be connected. If you want an even more convenient mount, you can use the additional Quick Release Bracket or Cold Shoe Mount.

The mount comes in three versions:
• SYNC E Bracket: slim, lightweight bracket with 1/4” screw
• + Quick Release Mount: Bracket with additional Quick Release Mount for comfortable handling 
• + Cold Shoe Mount: Bracket with additional Cold Shoe Mount

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NEW FIRMWARE RELEASE: New Audio LTD A10 Wireless v2.50 Firmware release with new User Groups!

SOUND DEVICES and AUDIO LIMITED announces New A10 Wireless v2.50 Firmware release with new User Groups!

Version 2.50 adds User Groups, which enables a user to build a list of frequencies with names, allowing quick and easy tuning of the A10-TX and A10-RX.

Sound professionals can match easy-to-remember names with pre-coordinated frequencies. When User Groups are loaded into the TX and RX, the frequency menus are simplified, showing only the user-selected frequencies. This eliminates scrolling and provides a quick and easy way to set frequencies on location.

In support of the A10 Firmware v2.50, new versions of the Mic2Wav utility and the A10-TX Remote app are also available, and v4.54 firmware release for the Sound Devices 688/SL-6 combination.

Below is the list of new firmware:
• A10-TX (all variants) v2.50 firmware
• A10-RX (all variants) v2.50 firmware
• 688 v4.54 firmware
• Mic2Wav Mac v2.50 software update
• Mic2Wav Windows v2.50 software update
• A10-TX Remote Android v2.50 software update
• A10-TX Remote iOS v2.50 software update

Highlights of New features include:

**A10-TX v2.50**

• Support for User Group Frequency selection, allowing for faster and easier frequency setup by user-defined descriptive names and frequency groups. Requires Mic2Wav v2.50 generated .ALUG files to be loaded into the transmitter via a micro SD card.
• Menu Lock. Press and hold the left and right buttons to lock out access to menu settings. When menu access is locked, a lock icon appears in the main display. Hold the left and right buttons again to unlock menu access. When locked, the Power button remains active.

**A10-RX v2.50**

• Support for User Group Frequency selection, allowing for faster and easier frequency setup by user-defined descriptive names and frequency groups. 
• A10-RX power off shortcuts.

**A10-TX Remote v2.50**

• Support for A10 User Groups. Allows for frequency selection by descriptive name. Requires an A10-TX running v2.50 firmware and loaded with a user group .ALUG file. Use Mic2Wav v2.50 to generate .ALUG files.

**Mic2Wav v2.50 for Windows**

• Convert .mic files to .wav files based on timecode range.
• Create, edit, and export User Group .ALUG files for A10-TX and A10-RX.

**Mic2Wav v2.50 for Mac**

• Convert .mic files to .wav files based on timecode range.
• Create, edit, and export User Group .ALUG files for A10-TX and A10-RX.
• Update A10-RX firmware via A10-RX XLR or A10-Rack.

**688 v4.54**

• Support for Audio Ltd A10-RX User Groups feature when used in the SL-6.

For a complete list of new features, changes and fixes please visit the web links below.

Sound Devices

Audio Limited……

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: PSC RF Multi SMA “Single Band” & “Dual Band”

PSC Logo


PSC is pleased to announce that our revised RF Multi SMA’s will begin shipping this week. These two new versions of our industry standard RF Multi SMA offer new frequency band pass filters allowing better operation with today’s new legal frequency blocks.

Recent changes to the legal operational frequency spectrum have led to the development of these two new models.

The “Single Band” model is primarily designed for use outside of the USA and the “Dual Band” model is primarily designed for use in the USA.

Both units include newly re-designed circuit boards with more robust RF amplifiers, new and improved custom-made band-pass filters and revised power supply circuitry.

The “Single Band” unit has an operation frequency range of 470-700Mhz and the “Dual Band” unit has an operational frequency range of 470-618Mhz and also 940-960Mhz so that is will operate over the new Lectrosonics 941 Block as used in the USA. 


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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Sound Devices A10-Rack 4-Slot Wireless Enclosure Dante Interface

The A10-RACK is a 4 slot, 8 channel, 1RU wireless microphone receiver enclosure, compatible with most unislot and SuperSlot™ receivers. The A10-RACK accepts up to 4 dual-channel slot-in receivers, providing a total of 8 separate audio feeds. The A10-RACK provides high-quality antenna distribution, power distribution, up to 8 channels of analogue and/or AES digital audio via XLR-M connectors and an 8 channel Dante audio interface.

Key Features:
  • Full Dante audio network integration for up to four Superslot compatible wireless mic receivers (eight audio channels), such as Audio Limited’s A10-RX, as well as some models by Wisycom and Lectrosonics.
  • Antenna distribution with bias power for active antennas and pass-through for a second A10-RACK for a total of 16 channels
  • Power distribution via 4-pin XLR-M socket, 10-18VDC
  • Analogue or AES outputs via eight XLR-M sockets on rear panel
  • Each receiver can be set to output analogue or AES individually (if receiver supports it)
  • Each receiver outputs analogue or AES and Dante simultaneously
  • Includes a secondary Ethernet port for Dante redundancy or daisy-chaining a second A10-RACK
  • USB-B port for updating RX firmware via Mic2Wav app
  • 470-694MHz front-end RF filter bandwidth
  • 1RU chassis size with adjustable rack ears to set required depth Compatible Receivers

The A10-RACK fits slot-in receivers with maximum dimensions of:

  • Slot height: 18mm (0.71 inches)
  • Slot width: 68.3mm (2.69 inches)
  • Width between SMAs: 84.4mm (3.32 inches)

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Lectrosonics SPDR – small Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

The SPDR is Lectrosonics’ response to customer demand for a small, lightweight dual channel recorder for use on virtual reality sound captures or as a backup recorder for bag systems in the field.

The SPDR allows capture of the full stereo audio of an extreme sport participant, in-car scenes or in situations where a wireless system isn’t practical. When used in conjunction with a small mixer and the SRC receiver, the SPDR makes for a lightweight interview setup that provides full redundancy – all fitting into a small fanny pack. For compatibility with a wider range of memory cards while retaining high reliability, the SPDR features a deep write buffer.

Other Key Features:
  • Records to a Micro SDHC memory card in Broadcast Wave Format (.WAV with iXML metadata)
  • 24 bit depth, at sample rates of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz
  • Inputs from analog line level and AES digital sources, or from lav microphones wired for standard Lectrosonics 5-pin “servo bias” inputs
  • Can be jammed with time code via an industry-standard 5-pin Lemo connector
  • Features a highly accurate, temperature compensated (TCXO) time base crystal

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Lectrosonics RPS4 – Universal DC Power Supply with Redundant Internal Supply Modules

Introducing the NEW Lectrosonics RPS4, a 1RU, high-reliability DC power supply with four 12 V taps.

The unit is designed as a 12V DC source for low-voltage devices such as wireless microphone receivers, IEM transmitters, IFB transmitters, and audio signal processing equipment. The 1RU chassis eliminates the need for a separate power strip with individual DC supplies for each device.

Think Venue, Venue 2, Duet M2T and IFBT4. This unit makes a nice add-on sale for any studio, cart or installation.

The RPS4 supplies four 12 V DC thread-locking (LZR type) taps, each providing up to 1.5 Amps. Two internal power supplies and two temperature-controlled fans operate in a failover mode for an automatic backup in the event one of them fails. Individual 2A automotive blade-type fuses protect each 12 V tap from overload or direct short. The unit can be powered by 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Output DC ripple is less than 20 mV. The unit ships with two 12 inch and two 18 inch DC supply cables.

Key Features:
  • Dual power supplies for fail-over operation
  • Four 12VDC 1.5A outputs
  • Dual cooling fans – temp controlled
  • 2A automotive type blade fuses
  • Locking coaxial DC power connectors
  • LED indicators blink red during fault
  • Spare fuse holder on rear panel

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PRESS RELEASE: Oscar-Winning Sound Engineer Thomas Curley Takes Lectrosonics PDR for a Ride on Major Film and Television Projects

“When I decided to invest in myself with equipment I chose Lectrosonics.”

Los Angeles, CA (June 26, 2018) – Oscar award-winning sound engineer Thomas Curley recently added the Lectrosonics PDR Portable Digital Audio Recorder, to his wireless equipment package which includes the SSM Super Slight Micro Transmitter and 200 and 400 Series transmitters and receivers. Curley recently used the new PDR on the upcoming action film, AXL as well as the upcoming TV series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner and written and directed by Taylor Sheridan.

Thomas Curley started his career as a Production Assistant on the 2002 movie Time Machine and went on to win an Oscar for Best Sound Mixing for the movie Whiplash in 2015.

“Whiplash was one of the most exhilarating film-making experiences of my career so far. It was such a joy to watch something I personally thought was so wonderful to be warmly received by everyone else,” Curley says.”

Curley, who also recently worked on the upcoming movie, A Million Little Pieces, starting Charlie Hunnam, Juliet Lewis and Billy Bob Thornton says, “The equipment I use for all productions, break down into four basic categories: recorders, microphones, wireless equipment, and time code. I’ve always used Lectrosonics because they have a stellar reputation and as long as I can remember they’ve been the industry standard. When I decided to invest in myself with equipment I chose Lectrosonics and I haven’t used any other brands since.”

In business with brother Brian Curley since moving to Los Angeles from New York in 2002, Thomas Curley has an arsenal of other Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid wireless products including the SSM Super Slight Micro Transmitter and the 200 and 400 Series Receivers.

“Lectrosonics’ wireless technology is second to none. Over the years of working with Lectrosonics, their products have proven to be stable, reliable, and rock-solid all around, and a good value. In fact, one of my brother’s transmitters was run over by a car and it was completely fine other than a few scuff marks,” says Thomas.

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