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No Bull: Lectrosonics Trampled, Kicked, Crushed And Still Going Strong

As any broadcast professional knows all too well; dirt, dust, and moisture can be the kiss of death for electronic equipment.
Toss in what many would simply refer to as physical abuse of the product, complicate matters further by requiring the gear to perform over an extended range, and you begin to grasp the challenges of outfitting the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) performers with wireless microphone technology.
Make no mistake, this is a dirty job, and its a challenge routinely encountered by audio engineer Mark Harrier and his crew as they outfit not only the bull riders, but the bull fighters, the guys who keep the bull from killing the rider once he is thrown to the ground. So what kind of wireless equipment endures this type of handling?
You guessed it - Lectrosonics.

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